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  1. ruipgil/scraperjs

    Scraperjs is a web scraper module that make scraping the web an easy job.

  2. Drift Stage


    Two dudes making a video game about cool cars and going sideways.

  3. Breach - A browser for the HTML5 era

    Breach Browser

    A browser for the HTML5 era. Entirely written in Javascript. Free. Modular. Hackable.

  4. HTML Hybrid Hub

    A place for Cordova (& PhoneGap) resources maintained by Bartek.

  5. eboy

  6. Sleep as a Competitive Advantage

    The most powerful short-term solution for insufficient sleep isn’t caffeine. It’s a brief nap.

  7. "

    The aim of design unification is often a false path, born out of convenience for the designer, and it’s pursuit shows a certain level of disrespect to both the user and other designers. Programming languages - arguably interaction design in its purest form - are a more interesting path towards better software (see Smalltalk, Swift playgrounds, and the work at VPRI).

    Material is not what software is made of, but it is a pretty good sign of what marketing is made of these days.

    Hacker News Comment about Googles new “Material Design
  8. littlebigdetails:

  Fivver - shows the explanation of your account balance when you hover the figures.


    Fivver - shows the explanation of your account balance when you hover the figures.

    (via uxsux)

  9. "At its core, the [Swift] language is designed to eliminate bugs, but not in the academic way that, say, Haskell eliminates bugs by preventing normal people from writing code in it."
  10. Thanks for nothing, jerkface | ZDNet

    One month after creator and leader of Google+, Vic Gundotra, quietly quit, Google chief Sergey Brin told a conference audience last week that involvement in Google+ was “a mistake.” He made the exact opposite statement in 2011.

  11. agthe:

    DELETE Facebook. I think it´s a good thing to opt out. Deleted my facebook account earlier this year. never missed a thing. Here´s how!

  12. Star Citizen pre alpha (0.8) finally released! HUD Designed by John Likens who designed the Interfaces for Iron Man 3!!

  13. WebGL on iOS 8 Safari and WebView! | Ludei

    The long wait has ended: we can confirm that webgl is present by default on iOS 8 (and MacOSX) both in Safari and the system webview.


    A free, open source JavaScript framework for creating complex UIs for any screen. 3D layout and physics animation engines. Renders to DOM, Canvas, or WebGL hates html and css so they get rid of them completely. Say what? Yea pretty much. Everything is done via Javascript. The tool sends everything to the GPU and outputs then divs animated and positioned with css3 transforms. It´s like react.js but without the DOM. Forget the DOM completely. Forget about floats and paddings. It´s a complete new rendering engine living inside the browser.

    Benefits? It runs anywhere (yea ipad too). Interaces with 3d objects possible. Physics instead of animations or Tweenings. Animate a click on a button? Just give the button a weight and friction and apply a force on a click. No limits because you implement your own rendering engine. Founders say it´s the future, forget the “old way”. Designers can play with the interface, tweak physics with sliders until it “feels” right. Inspired by Game Engines / Interfaces. Founders heavy appreciate “unity 3d”. Here´s a talk

  15. We’re in the future, and interfaces are falling behind the curve. Software should feel as responsive and human as the people interacting with it. Design should respond and react with vitality. Too much design is created with an old, static web mentality, and not pushing the new mediums we have to design for. What is it like building interfaces with an animated foundation? Why is it better? This will be an adventure into the magical cosmos of animation. Cartoons, Anvils, Jokes, Jokes people might not get, Dynamite, Stage Dives!