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  1. "Never judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes"
  2. "One of the reasons developers are seen as unsociable people is because they spend a lot of their own time learning new technologies, working on their own projects,” Samuel Molinari, a contracted developer in London, explains. “Being introverted can help a lot. [But] working on projects directed by individuals who don’t have a good ‘internet culture’ can be very frustrating for web developers. The choices they make sometimes make me cringe!"
  3. "E-mail, chat and instant messaging are not good advertising platforms,” said Bo Peabody, the chief executive of Tripod, an on-line community service recently bought by Lycos. ”When you chat, you look at what you are writing, not what other people are writing,” he said. Moreover, advertisers worry that their advertisements will be associated with content that they do not control and may be embarrassing. As a result, chat services that do take ads receive the lowest rates of any type of Internet service."
  4. The fall and rise of SVG – how SVG is more relevant than ever

    So, if you’re not using SVG or have only briefly looked at using them, definitely take some time to take a deeper look into what they can offer you – it’ll be worth the effort spent, both for you and your users.

  5. AngularJS: Deep Dive into Custom Directives (ng-conf 2014)

  6. Flagsmith, A Flag Building Typeface


    Using the power of OpenType, Flagsmith transforms words into a variety shapes and patterns that can be mixed and layered to create unique flag compositions.

  7. Outerra

    3D planetary engine for seamless planet rendering from space down to the surface. Can use arbitrary resolution of elevation data, refining it to centimeter resolution using fractal algorithms.

    Windows only but if you plan to make a space sim with seamless planet landing, this is maybe your engine. Full alpha version costs $15.

  8. uxrave:

“A list of places to find the best free stock photos”. Perfect for freelance projects and use in presentations.
More resources in this list: Where the best designers go to find photos and graphics. 


    A list of places to find the best free stock photos”. Perfect for freelance projects and use in presentations.

    More resources in this list: Where the best designers go to find photos and graphics

  9. Squarespace Logo

    Squarespace Logo

    Create simple logos online. neat.

  10. "

    Here’s a little practice I do. Before I take a break, or before I finish for the day, I like to leave code broken. As in, cannot compile. And with a note indicating what needs to be done next. This makes it easy to get into coding mode when you start again, because you have a direct goal instead of having to do a big planning session in your head.

    The idea came from Richard Gabriel’s “Patterns of Software”, where he explains he always leaves his writing in the middle of a paragraph. I’ve done that quite often too, since reading that.

  11. Broken Age - Double Fine Productions

    broken age

    Happy New Year from Double Fine! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but that’s because we’ve been super busy. We are proud to present the first act of Tim’s long-awaited adventure game, Broken Age! Backers can play it right now. Crazy, I know!

  12. We present a muscle-based control method for simulated bipeds in which both the muscle routing and control parameters are optimized. This yields a generic locomotion control method that supports a variety of bipedal creatures. All actuation forces are the result of 3D simulated muscles, and a model of neural delay is included for all feedback paths. As a result, our controllers generate torque patterns that incorporate biomechanical constraints. The synthesized controllers find different gaits based on target speed, can cope with uneven terrain and external perturbations, and can steer to target directions.

  13. gulp.js - the streaming build system


    I love it. So much better. And just like that I’m a convert. I’m always using Gulp and Browserify… Until next week!

    Just like Grunt, but, errm better.

  14. thisistheverge:

Here’s How Ridiculous This Year’s CES Will Look in 2034 » Paleofuture
  15. "The smartphone revolution was all about escaping the stifling and restrictive control of the carrier walled garden for the freedom of the internet. With Sponsored Data, AT&T is trying to put those walls back up."